QRC Staff

Quanta Research Cambridge, Inc. (QRC) is the North American R&D subsidiary of Taiwan-based Quanta Computer, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of laptop computers. Quanta Computer designs, develops, and manufactures not only laptops, but also a wide range of technology products including data center equipment, servers, switches and storage devices.

Quanta Research Cambridge's mission is to help move Quanta Computer beyond its position as the world's largest laptop manufacturer to become a provider of innovative new products and services in a cloud-enabled computing world. QRC's current work ranges from early-stage research to prototype development to advanced software development for clients.

Quanta is the largest industrial sponsor of MIT CSAIL - MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Since 2005, Quanta has devoted $45M over ten years to its joint research effort with CSAIL. QRC works closely with CSAIL, conveniently located across the street from our office, on a variety of cloud-related projects.

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